Uploader not working with HTTPS

If you are experiencing issues during uploads with the Batch Uploader (aka. Drag and Drop uploader, Flash Uploader), take a look into your browsers error console.

When you are accessing the Dashboard with HTTPS, its most likely a mixed content error, i.e. the uploaders tries to sent the file using an unsecured connection from a secured site. This is often caused by the WordPress HTTPS plugin ().

Here’s the easy fix: add the following to the “Secure Filters” in the HTTPS plugin settings:

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5 thoughts on “Uploader not working with HTTPS

  1. Andyt says:
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    Thanks for that information. It helped me to solve an old problem.

    1. Bill says:
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      Is there an equivalent edit for the CCS-HTTPS plugin by David Gregg? Thanks.

  2. Christophe says:
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