Fix for “File has unbalanced q/Q operators (too many Q’s)”

When using WP-Filebase built-in PDF indexing mechanism, you might find a lot of error messages like “File has unbalanced q/Q operators (too many Q’s)” in your server’s log files, filling up the hard drive and keeping the CPU busy.

This is caused by to a bug in Ghostscript, occuring only with some PDF documents. Here are three options for a fix:

  • Disable PDF indexing (just set the Ghostscript path to /bin/false), this will stop WP-Filebase from running Ghoscript at all, but PDF indexing is not available anymore
  • Update ghostscript. Try the package manager of your linux distriution first (such as apt-get upgrade). If this does not help compile Ghostscript from its sources
  • Use our Advanced Indexing extension. It uses a webservice for indexing and does not require Ghostscript to be installed on your server
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