Terms & Conditions

A WP-Filebase Pro Licenses allows you to download the Plugin Package of WP-Filebase Pro that can be installed on any WordPress Site. Their are three different License Types (Personal, Freelancer, Business), they all include the same product and service, only the number of sites (“license slots”) WP-Filebase Pro can be used on at the same time differs.

Definition of a Site: A Site is a hosted WordPress website with a unique Site Address URL. Equivalent mutations of the Site URL, suchs as the presence of the www. prefix or a HTTP/HTTPS protocol difference, are considered as a single Site Address URL. A WordPress Multisite Network consists of multiple Sites, thus each Site in the network using WP-Filebase Pro requires a license slot.

Please consider this when choosing your License Type on you are working on a Multisite Network.
You can upgrade you License at any time after purchase by paying the current differential amount. Please contact us if you want to upgrade.

If you are not satisfied: 60 days money back guaranteed!


We cannot guarantee that WP-Filebase Pro will work with all 3rd party plugins or themes. Although, we try to do our best to sort conflicts out. We are not responsible for any data loss that can occur as a result of incompatibility.

Support Tickets

Support tickets are usualy private. It some cases, the content might be partially or completelty published for the use of others. We’ll make sure that no private information like site URL is visible to others.
By using the Support Ticket Form you agree that your text can be published on our website.