WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.4.30

Update 3.4.30 is compatible with WordPress 4.8.1 and includes the following changes:

  • Changes to posts of post type `wpfb_filepage` now sync back to Files
  • “+ Add Category” now submits on enter/return
  • Fixed filebrowser issues with Divi Builder
  • `file_hash_sha256` now in template editor
  • New option `List inaccessible categories`
  • Files can now listed by Cloud Sync
  • You can clear logs now
  • New filter `wpfilebase_tpl_var_{$tpl_var}_override` for template variables
  • List any file pages if `Hide inaccessible files` is disabled
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7 thoughts on “WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.4.30

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    Fixed filebrowser issues with Divi Builder

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