WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.3.1

Update 3.3.1 is compatible with WordPress 4.4 and includes the following changes:

  • FileBrowser: new option `Inline Add` to toggle the display of Add File/Category links
  • WordPress 4.4 compatibility
  • Changed textdomain from ‘wpfb’ to ‘wp-filebase’ for language pack compatibility
  • Fixed File Browser Drag&Drop for newly uploaded files
  • Moved custom cform7 elements above submit button
  • Added cform7 edit link
  • Fixed file name detection on remote upload
  • Fixed XXS URL redirection vulnerability found by [Cybersecurity Works](http://www.cybersecurityworks.com)
  • Fix: Load getid3_lib if necessary
  • Added Extension Update API caching
  • PHP 7 compatibility: `mysql_close` only called if exists
  • Async Uploader: Added error message on invalid server response after upload
  • Prevent direct script access for Editor Plugin, Post Browser and AJAX
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3 thoughts on “WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.3.1

  1. Harmen says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    I can no longer add filebase file since the last update.
    When I’m adding a file on a post/page I get the popup, I am able to select a template but the files ar no longer vivble

    1. cmaudano says:
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      I just updated this plugin and wished that I hadn’t. I can no longer update a file. I have to delete the file and then create it again, which defeats the purpose because the item number changes thus breaking my link.

  2. prakashchandra says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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