WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.2.06

Update 3.2.06 is compatible with WordPress 4.1 and includes the following changes:

  • New feature: Sort files by multiple fields in shortcode argument (seperate by ,)
  • Camera RAW .CR2 thumbnails
  • Automatically scroll to attachment uploader when dragging a file over a post
  • Files are moved when changing a Cloud Sync’s root category
  • Cloud Sync: Prevent chaning remote path after first sync
  • Updated DataTables to 1.10.4
  • Updated DataTables column filter to 1.5.6
  • During Cron Sync, unset current user if logged in
  • Using `plugin_dir_url` function for better compatibility (from GitHub)
  • Fixed broken thumbnails when chaning category of a remote or cloud file
  • Fix: Files were not added to restricted categories during sync
  • Fixed pagination in back-end category list
  • Fix: Hide attach uploader even if JS is broken
  • Fixed Drag&Drop uploader issue when uploading file updates
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