WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.1.14

This update includes 5 new features:

* New Feature: PSD thumbnails
* New Feature: File browser sorting
* New Feature: Preset Sync
* New Feature: File URL: Prepend asterisk (*) to linktext to open in new tab
* New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Extra Form fields (from Cforms) are appended to notification emails

* Chinese translation by [Darlexlin](http://darlexlin.cn/)
* Added styling for extended field of embedded forms
* Added Google Universal Analytics compatibility
* CloudSync: DropboxSync, S3: files are deleted from cloud if locally removed
* New file template var %cat_id%
* Added alt tags for cat icons
* Increased security for RPC-Calls
* New batch uploader field: File Display Name
* New function: reset all hit counters
* New File Browser code
* Embeddable Forms: validate destination category
* Unlimited number of file permissions
* PDF indexing: count pages before index to improve stability

And lots of fixes, escpecially for Cloud Sync:
* Fix: Suppressing deprecation errors on AJAX requests
* Fixed WebDav issues
* Fixed output suppression during Ajax requests
* Fixed: keep thumbnail during file update
* Fixed permission control for roles with names shorter than 4 (or mysql ft_min_word_len)
* NGG_DISABLE_RESOURCE_MANAGER to disable the NextGen Gallery resource manager
* Fixed cannot redeclar class S3 and Google_*
* FTPSync: fixed sync of folder containing spaces
* FTPSync: fixed file urls
* Updated DropPHP to 1.7
* Updated getId3 1.10.0

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5 thoughts on “WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.1.14

  1. Brett says:
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    Can the search field in the access permission box be at the top? I continually have to scroll through a list of profile types to find a search box oddly in the middle of everything. Please move it to the top.

  2. Jeff says:
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    I am very interested in your product but I hesitate to purchase because I see just about all questions here in the blog and feature list go unanswered. In your contact tab, you ask that we ask questions out here, but it seems you do not follow through very well on your own plan.

    I want to know, can I restrict users to specific places in the document try, for example a particular folder and below?

    Also, for PDF files, can I make the icon size larger?



  3. Amir Meshkin says:
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    Is anyone else having problems editing files after the update.

  4. deanne says:
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    It looks like “New Feature: File URL: Prepend asterisk (*) to linktext to open in new tab” only works for non admin users.

  5. eddie007 says:
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