WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.1.14

Update 3.1.14 is compatible with WordPress 3.9 and includes the following changes:

  • New Feature: PSD thumbnails
  • New Feature: File browser sorting
  • New Feature: Preset Sync
  • New Feature: File URL: Prepend asterisk (*) to linktext to open in new tab
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Extra Form fields (from Cforms) are appended to notification emails
  • Chinese translation by [Darlexlin](http://darlexlin.cn/)
  • Added styling for extended field of embedded forms
  • Added Google Universal Analytics compatibility
  • CloudSync: DropboxSync, S3: files are deleted from cloud if locally removed
  • New file template var %cat_id%
  • Added alt tags for cat icons
  • Increased security for RPC-Calls
  • New batch uploader field: File Display Name
  • New function: reset all hit counters
  • New File Browser code
  • Embeddable Forms: validate destination category
  • Unlimited number of file permissions
  • PDF indexing: count pages before index to improve stability
  • Fix: Suppressing deprecation errors on AJAX requests
  • Fixed WebDav issues
  • Fixed output suppression during Ajax requests
  • Fixed: keep thumbnail during file update
  • Fixed permission control for roles with names shorter than 4 (or mysql ft_min_word_len)
  • NGG_DISABLE_RESOURCE_MANAGER to disable the NextGen Gallery resource manager
  • Fixed cannot redeclar class S3 and Google_*
  • FTPSync: fixed sync of folder containing spaces
  • FTPSync: fixed file urls
  • Updated DropPHP to 1.7
  • Updated getId3 1.10.0
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