WP-Filebase Pro Update 3.1.11

Update 3.1.11 is compatible with WordPress 3.7 and includes the following changes:

  • New Option `File Page Permalink with Front Base`
  • New Option `Empty Message` for File Browser
  • Added Delete, Edit & Approve Link to Upload Notification
  • If user cannot access file page, they are redirected to login
  • Updated DropPHP Dropbox Client to 1.6
  • Custom static CSS file improving site performance
  • Sync: categories are removed if folder has been deleted and `Remove missing Files` is enabled
  • Removed test cookie
  • Fixed file edit permissions
  • Fixed small icon with for files & categories
  • File Browser: Safer JS loading of treeview plugins sorts out compatibility issues with other plugins (like NextGEN Gallery)
  • Fixed Tools visibility
  • Fixed direct linking protection: redirection to file page
  • Fixed batch uploader
  • FTPSync fixed url mapping
  • Fixed error handling when adding remote Sync files
  • Fixed escaping of special characters in PDF files
  • Fixed minor bugs and typos
  • Disabled extracting version no. from filenames like 01.01.01-01.02.03
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