WP-Filebase Pro released

I am happy to announce the release of WP-Filebase Pro, the professional edition of WP-Filebase.

If you are experiencing any problems during the payment process, please contact us at wpfilebase [a’t] fabi [d’o’t] me . (Replace [a’t] with @ and  [d’o’t] with .)

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2 thoughts on “WP-Filebase Pro released

  1. cliff curtis says:
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    greetings. I’m using wp-filebase and would like to know more about pro.
    I’m using file browser. I produce radio and tv commercials. When I do a job for a client, I make them a folder in the YEAR/MONTH root folders. So it might be ABC Client/Master Archive/2012/October/ABC client . then in the ABC client folder i’ll place the files for that job. I like my current layout/and the way i’ve customized my template. I’m now also interested in the Pro version for automating. I see it’s compatible with Dropbox. Is there a way to auto upload a folder from Drobox to site and sync with filebrowser? Not sure I asked that correctly. When I do a job and make a folder on dropbox, i’d like to auto sync. OR i don’t mind uploading the folder/files via ftp, but is there a way to skip the Syncing step? I’m trying to minimize the admin involved in getting my files to my website for my clients. Thank you for your help. Cliff

  2. Fabi says:
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    If you enable Cron Sync, WP-Filebase polls the Dropbox server hourly to check for file changes. If there are new folders, it automatically creates a category for that folder and adds all files in there.

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