HTML5 Video Player Template

A FLV-player template was included in the past, which will be removed with WP-Filebase 3.2.13 and higher. The HTML5 video tag offers a better support among all mobile devices.

The template system provided by WP-Filebase makes it easy to integrate. Here’s the template code that works in any WP-Filebase (pro or free) version:

<video width='%file_info/video/resolution_x%' height='%file_info/video/resolution_y%' controls>
<source src='%file_url%' type='%file_type%'>
Your browser does not support the video tag. <a href='%file_url%'>Open Video directly</a>.

If ID3 scanning is disabled, you should remove the width and height attributes from the video tag. The browser will find the video size automatically.

Note that file page proxy must be disabled, if you want to use the player outside the filepage template.

For reference of the video tag see

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