Upload Thumbnails from Embedded Forms

To allow users to upload thumbnails from the front-end, the Plugin Contact Form 7 needs to be installed.

  1. Create a new Contact Form with the following tag:

    <p>File thumbnail<br />
    [file file_upload_thumb]
  2. In Embeddable Forms settings, disable “Use advanced Drag & Drop Uploader” and choose the created Contact Form 7 Form from step 1.
  3. Save the settings. User can now choose a seperate thumbnail file before uploading
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One thought on “Upload Thumbnails from Embedded Forms

  1. Basem says:
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    I defined a few custom fields and would like to show them in a front-end upload form. Using a new form created with Contact Form 7, how do I define the new form field tags so that the custom fields are captured and associated with the file? Would I use [file *custom_field_short-tag*]?

    For example, I defined a custom field called “grade.” Would the Contact Form 7 tag be [file grade]?

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