Downloads in new Tab / Window

For Documents that can be viewed with the Browser (e.g PDF files), it might be appropriate to present them in a new browser tab.

You can set the behavior of the download links for each template.

Goto WP-Filebase Pro -> Manage Templates -> Files and edit for example the FIlebrowser template, which is by default:

%file_small_icon% <a href="%file_url%" title="Download %file_display_name%">%file_display_name%</a> (%file_size%)

Add the HTML attribute target=”_blank”:

%file_small_icon% <a href="%file_url%" target="_blank" title="Download %file_display_name%">%file_display_name%</a> (%file_size%)

You can do this for every template, just look for <a href="%file_url%" and replace it with <a href="%file_url%" target="_blank"


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7 thoughts on “Downloads in new Tab / Window

  1. VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    How do you open a document in a new window when using “File URL”?

  2. Fabian says:
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    Hi Chris,
    use this code:
    <a href="[wpfilebase tag=fileurl id={file_id} /]" target="_blank">...Linking text or HTML elements...</a>

  3. Kunal says:
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    Am trying to get PDF to open in new tab and not download on clicking. I tried the target = “_Blank” attribute but it doesnt help – opens a new window but downloads anyway(without opening in browser
    Any thoughts?

  4. Regin says:
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    How can i download files directly to the disk instead of open in new tab or window?

    Any idea than please let me know.

  5. javed k ellis says:
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    Thank you just the post I was looking for. Problem solved

  6. Mirza Md Shakil says:
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    when a visitor enters my blogger site, a file starts to download. bt i want it will do in q new window. so that they can see my contents. what should i do?

  7. omejames says:
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