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WP-Filebase Pro can put all files of a category (and its sub-categories) into a single ZIP files. Users can download whole categories without clicking trough all their files.

To provide the link to the ZIP file use %cat_zip_file% in your category template. If you want to insert the links somehwere without using a file list, do it like this (replaceĀ 123 with the category ID):

<a href="http://example.tld/?wpfb_zip_cat=123">Download ZIP</a>
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One thought on “Category ZIP URL

  1. Angela says:
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    I’m attempting to use the category zip option – I swear when I installed the plugin a month or so ago, it was working, but now it’s not working at all – the shortcode doesn’t spit out a url, and the direct link (formatted like you have it above) just redirects to the site homepage. I tried doing a fresh install of the plugin on a fresh version of WordPress, with the same results. I’m currently using the free version.

    I’d appreciate your help, as this is a time sensitive issue. Thanks much! šŸ™‚

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