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WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.32 WP 4.8.1 Download Package 2017-09-09

  • New feature: Custom Fields select options (add custom field like `Type|type|[draft,sample,release]`)
  • New CloudSync option `Keep files locally`
  • New CloudSync option `Disabled`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.31 WP 4.8.1 Download Package 2017-09-08

  • New feature: Custom Fields select options (add custom field like `Type|type|[draft,sample,release]`)
  • New CloudSync option `Keep files locally`
  • New CloudSync option `Disabled`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.30 WP 4.8.1 Download Package 2017-08-29

  • Changes to posts of post type `wpfb_filepage` now sync back to Files
  • "+ Add Category" now submits on enter/return
  • Fixed filebrowser issues with Divi Builder
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.29 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-07-26

  • Fixed file upload bug on windows servers (dont remove slashes on `$_FILES`)
  • Added sha-256 file hash
  • Renamed `Search ID3 Tags` to `Deep file search` and moved to `Common` tab

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.28 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-07-03

  • Added new option `Link to file list` to category widget
  • New default file and file page template
  • Fixed encoding issue `ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED` breaking rescan and sync
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.27 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-06-28

  • Category dropdown fix

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.26 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-06-27

  • Category dropdown fix

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.25 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-06-27

  • Fixed several small bugs
  • Better error reporting

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.24 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-06-20

  • Removed data-table template, use [extension](https://wpfilebase.com/extend/wpfb-datatables-2/) instead
  • Fixed a search performance issue (adding index in file table for `LEFT JOIN`)
  • Added instructions for upload path protection on NGINX
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.23 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-06-09

  • Fixed inline upload permission issue
  • Fixed drag&drop issues
  • Fixed a memory leak when generating thumbnails
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.22 WP 4.6.1 Download Package 2016-09-16

  • Rename field now visible when adding files
  • Search widget now has placeholder
  • %file_tags% now generates a list of tags with links
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.21 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-08-17

  • Renamed WP-Filebase dashboard menu entry to `Dashboard`
  • Developers: new filter `wpfilebase_ajax_public_actions`
  • Auto-delete category ZIP files from `.tmp` folder
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.20 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-08-17

  • Renamed WP-Filebase dashboard menu entry to `Dashboard`
  • Developers: new filter `wpfilebase_ajax_public_actions`
  • Auto-delete category ZIP files from `.tmp` folder
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.19 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-08-10

  • Fixed file browser category and file movement (drag&drop)
  • Fixed upload widget permission issue
  • Now capturing fatal PHP errors in the logs

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.18 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-08-05

  • Improved handling of remote URLs of cloud files
  • WP-Filebase Pro now auto-activates on domain name change (if License slots are available)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.17 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-08-02

  • New feature: change owner of file
  • New template variable `%file_url_no_preview%`
  • Fixed file browser delete button feedback (files no disappear after deletion)
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.15 WP 4.5.3 Download Package 2016-07-25

  • Added support for Easy Digital Downloads integration

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.14 WP 4.5.3 Download Package 2016-07-12

  • Added column for deletion handling in Cloud Sync dashboard
  • Fixed a front-end upload issue setting the wrong category
  • Fixed FacetWP support

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.12 WP 4.5.3 Download Package 2016-06-29

  • Fixed FacetWP support: filter files without access permission

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.11 WP 4.5.3 Download Package 2016-06-27

  • Fixed cloud sync bug caused the file tree to be flattened
  • FacetWP support: filter files without access permission
  • Fixed file browser uploading to root category
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.10 WP 4.5.3 Download Package 2016-06-22

  • Filepages now adopt file tags (e.g. for tag clouds)
  • Fixed disable state detection for `exec`
  • Verbose RPC test
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.9 WP 4.5.2 Download Package 2016-06-10

  • Prevent file rename for cloud-hosted files
  • Fixed cloud sync file URL retrieval
  • New template variables `%button_edit%`, `%button_delete%`

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.8 WP 4.5.2 Download Package 2016-05-19

  • New file batch action: delete thumbnails
  • Improved error handling when generating cloud links
  • Fixed WP post attachment images
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.6 WP 4.5 Download Package 2016-04-26

  • Added document indexing hook for extensions
  • Fixed error when editing categories
  • Fixed date display in backend file list
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.5 WP 4.5 Download Package 2016-04-26

  • Added document indexing hook for extensions
  • Fixed encoding issue for keywords
  • Fixed Cloud Sync browser for WebDav
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.4 WP 4.5 Download Package 2016-04-18

  • Fixed jQuery treeview compatibility issue

WP-Filebase Pro 3.4.3 WP 4.4.1 Download Package 2016-01-28

  • New Dashboard
  • New upload box -- More responsive, new coloring adapts to admin theme
  • Added logging system
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.3.3 WP 4.4 Download Package 2015-12-14

  • DataTables update to 1.10.10
  • Fixed backslashes in file data when adding
  • Fixed `Could not store rsync meta`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.3.2 WP 4.4 Download Package 2015-12-10

  • Fixed AJAX calls
  • Thumbnails not served through direct plugins script

WP-Filebase Pro 3.3.1 WP 4.4 Download Package 2015-12-08

  • FileBrowser: new option `Inline Add` to toggle the display of Add File/Category links
  • WordPress 4.4 compatibility
  • Changed textdomain from 'wpfb' to 'wp-filebase' for language pack compatibility
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.3.0 WP 4.3.1 Download Package 2015-09-27

  • New Feature: Upload notification email template
  • Added delete buttons to backend file browser
  • Show icons in file/category selector tree
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.12 WP 4.2.1 Download Package 2015-04-30

  • Run a File Sync to fix category file counter bug (categories no opening in file browser)
  • Inherit category upload permissions
  • Added number of files colulmn in cloud sync backend
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.11 WP 4.1.1 Download Package 2015-03-16

  • Added search indexing of Powerpoint and Excel files (PPTX, XLSX)
  • Disable expiration time of thumbnail browser caching
  • Fixed extensions install screen on multisite
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.10 WP 4.1.1 Download Package 2015-02-26

  • Fixed editor plugin
  • Fixed extension install page
  • Made CSS path protocol relative (http/https)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.08 WP 4.1.1 Download Package 2015-02-25

  • Added extension system
  • Google Drive and OneDrive Sync are now extensions (need to be installed after update!)
  • Back-end filebrowser: hide edit button if not permitted
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.06 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-02-03

  • New feature: Sort files by multiple fields in shortcode argument (seperate by ,)
  • Camera RAW .CR2 thumbnails
  • Automatically scroll to attachment uploader when dragging a file over a post
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.05 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-01-15

  • Added automatic updates for extensions
  • Improved mobile responsive appearence on front and back-end
  • Fixed embedded forms warning
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.04 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-01-13

  • Fixed batch uploader JS bug on front end (getUserSetting undefined)
  • New option for embeddable forms to disable seucirty checks
  • Uploads within the filebrowser will apply the filebrowser template
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.03 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-01-07

  • Added Front-end Drag & Drop toggle to Admin Bar
  • Made some user options global on Site Networks
  • Improved security (thanks to Venkateswara Reddy)
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.02 WP 4.1 Download Package 2014-12-26

  • Added Cloud Sync service overlay to file icons in backend
  • In Back-End filebrowser prevent click event when clicking `Edit`
  • General GUI fixes and mobile optimization
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.01 WP 4.1 Download Package 2014-12-11

  • New Feature: Bulk actions
  • New Feature: Microsoft OneDrive Support
  • New Feature: Users are notified if granted access
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.15 WP 3.9.1 Download Package 2014-05-14

  • New Option: Disable WP-Filebse Stylesheet (wpfilebase.css)
  • Users can upload to sub-categories even if they don't have upload permissions for parent categories
  • Fixed error `Unable to insert item into DB! Unknown column 'cat_upload_permissions' in 'field list'`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.14 WP 3.9 Download Package 2014-05-07

  • New Feature: PSD thumbnails
  • New Feature: File browser sorting
  • New Feature: Preset Sync
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.13 WP 3.8.1 Download Package 2014-03-09

  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Batch Uploader
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Custom Upload Confirmation template
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Advanced Custom Elements with Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.12 WP 3.7.1 Download Package 2013-11-02

  • New RemoteSync Service: WebDAV
  • Enhanced Search Functions: added dash (-) operator to exclude words, added wildcard (*)
  • Fixed user permissions selector for users with @ in login name
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.11 WP 3.7 Download Package 2013-10-25

  • New Option `File Page Permalink with Front Base`
  • New Option `Empty Message` for File Browser
  • Added Delete, Edit & Approve Link to Upload Notification
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.10 WP 3.6 Download Package 2013-08-09

  • Fixed Sync Error
  • Fixed S3 sync warning if open_basedir is on
  • Fixed some strict standard warnings

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.09 WP 3.6 Download Package 2013-08-04

  • Added Sync Option `Fake MD5` to improve performance if MD5 not required
  • Added Rescan to Files Bulk actions
  • Added Custom Fields to File List View
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.08 WP 3.5.2 Download Package 2013-07-11

  • New S3 Option `Virtual-hosted-style URIs`
  • Fixed feedback page when creating a category with the widget
  • Fixed notification bug
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.07 WP 3.5.2 Download Package 2013-07-10

  • New File List Table in Dashboard
  • Custom Folder Icons for File Browser
  • Changed behavior of `Upload Notifications`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.06 WP 3.5.1 Download Package 2013-06-11

  • Fixed batch uploader
  • Fixed warning when keyword search for file pages is enabled
  • Added default values for custom fields
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.05 WP 3.5.1 Download Package 2013-06-01

  • New Feature: 2-Way-Sync: Files are Uploaded to Dropbox, S3 and FTP
  • New Feature: Private File Browser
  • New Option `File Browser expanded` in File Browser Settings and Editor Plugin
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.04 WP 3.5.1 Download Package 2013-04-19

  • New Feature: Drag&Drop Batch Uploader with Upload Presets
  • Added AJAX user search for Role/User Selector
  • New Feature: Shortcode parameter `search` to filter files in lists
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.02 WP 3.5.1 Download Package 2013-02-21

  • New Feature: Category ZIP Packages (a ZIP containing all files in the category)
  • New template variable for categories: `%cat_zip_url%`
  • New Option `Category ZIP Files` under Download Settings
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.01 WP 3.5.1 Download Package 2013-02-01

  • New custom post type `wpfb_filepage` for file pages
  • Extended Embeddable Forms
  • New Feature: Added individual limits for custom roles
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.14 WP 3.5 Download Package 2013-01-18

  • New Option: Default File Direct Linking
  • DataTables are now sorted according to the Shortcode argument `sort`
  • Fixed Extended/Simple Form toggle
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.13 WP 3.5 Download Package 2012-12-27

  • New Feature: AJAX Lists (edit a List Template to enable AJAX)
  • New Feature: Upload Notification, all Admins are notified by email when a file is added from the back-end (enable at Settings -> Misc -> Upload Notifications)
  • Added pagenav checkbox to editor plugin
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.12 WP 3.5 Download Package 2012-12-14

  • Made code adjustments for WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • New Option `Small Icon Size` in File Browser settings to adjust the size of icons and thumbnails
  • New Tool `Reset Permissions`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.11 WP 3.4.2 Download Package 2012-12-10

  • Added Embeddable Forms Email Notification
  • Added Embeddable Forms File Approval
  • Better support for big files (>1.5GB)
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.10 WP 3.4.2 Download Package 2012-11-28

  • Added Amazon S3 support (see Remote Sync)
  • Fixed file counter for secondary categories (run a sync to fix existing categories!)
  • New template variable `%file_sec_cats%`
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.08 WP 3.4.2 Download Package 2012-11-19

  • New feature: file passwords (see File Form to set the password)
  • New option for FtpSync: Files can be mapped to a HTTP/FTP URI
  • Fixed Drag & Drop Flash Uploader
  • ... Read more

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.07 WP 3.4.2 Download Package 2012-11-11

  • First Pro Version

48 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Jeffery says:
    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    New 3.2.01 Update I think is broke can’t update Version and Date fields and it dropped my Thumbnail and won’t upload it. This all worked before the update.

  2. Abigail Taylor says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    New Feature: Treeview: Drag & Drop Files, Move Categories and Files by dragging

    How do I disable drag & drop and front end uploader?

  3. Cordula says:
    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    Fabian, jetzt schmeist Du mich aus dem Support? Obwohl ich seit 6 Monaten auf Antworten auf meine Tickets warte!!! Das gibt es doch nicht…

  4. David Cox says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    We lost all categories and file uploads. Put up 4 new ones before noticing and they work fine. Checked with FTP and all files and folders are still on server. Not reading the directory(ies). Checked and it is pointing to the right place in the settings. Help! 1200 uploads missing!

    1. Fabian says:
      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

      Update to 3.4.3 should fix it. Its s permission issue, caused by folders being chmodded as files (to 0666)

  5. David Cox says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    More… File downloads are on server in folder setup as per categories. But new upgrade of WP filebase doesn’t seem to want to recognize a multilayer categories completely.
    filebase/v8/bbl/ and filebase/v9/bblx/. I did a rescan and sync of the database. I have two nested categories v8 and v9. It read all the files in v8, but refused to read those in v9. How do I fix this?

  6. VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    Hi. I purchased a licence: 1T77-QRA8-GQGE-Z9SM However, I can no longer update or download from this page. Can you please assist?

  7. VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    I am trying to update my version of WP-Filebase Pro and it will not let me download the update. My License Key is:

  8. Cedric Perrot says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)


    I just migrated a WordPress Site with WP-Filebase and I could narrow down the White Screen to that plugin.

    Do you know of any problems migrating that plugin from one server to another?

    BTW: your comment box is not working properly the captcha has problems.



  9. VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    With the new version of WordPress 4.5 the file browser won’t work and the embedded file url link only gives a blank page when clicked to down load the file in my WP Filebase Pro.

  10. Mark Sugarman says:
    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    The AJAX tree is not working with WordPress Version 4.5. Cannot tell you how much I would appreciate a fix for this!

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