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WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.13 WP 4.8 Download Package 2017-06-08

  • Fixed SQL error on empty referrer

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.12 WP 4.6.1 Download Package 2016-10-07

  • Added 120 seconds debounce

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.11 WP 4.6.1 Download Package 2016-09-19

  • Added delete function

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.10 WP 4.6.1 Download Package 2016-09-15

  • Using server`HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR` value for client IP addresses if set

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.9 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-07-25

  • Fixed `Request-URI Too Long` HTTP error

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.8 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-07-21

  • Fixed pagination with active filtering

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.7 WP 4.6 Download Package 2016-06-14

  • Fixed notifications for WP-Filebase free

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.6 WP 4.4 Download Package 2015-12-11

  • Fixed empty file id in logs

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.5 WP 4.2.1 Download Package 2015-05-06

  • Fixed empty list tables with WordPress 4.2.1

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.4 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-04-07

  • Add notification setting for disabling administrator notifications
  • Cat ZIP download logging

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.3 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-01-22

  • Actually fixed broken downloads when notification is enabled

WP-Filebase Download Logger 1.0.2 WP 4.1 Download Package 2015-01-15

  • Changed Notification conditions: ID of 0 means any user/file
  • Fixed broken downloads when notification is enabled

41 thoughts on “Updates

  1. Eric says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    When i installed the free version on one of our single instance WP sites, we see an section called Embed Templates in the Dashboard menu. However, when we installed the free version on one of our multi-site WP sites, we don’t see the Embed Templates option. The multi-site is setup using an NGINX server, not an Apache server.

    Also, when you select WP-Filebase dashboard option, there is a link on the right side under “How to get started with WP-Filebase” dropdown called Manage Templates. When I select the link, I get the following error:

    “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.”

    How would I get the Embed Templates area to show up?

  2. Jose Luis says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    I have installed the free edition plugin in our server and we are interested in the pro version because we need to use Google Drive cloud files on our WP.. In this url https://wpfilebase.com/documentation/sync/remote-sync/ you explain that google dirve is supported but I see there are diferences between dropbox and drive. While the plugin syncs drobox in both sides with drive it is only one direction?. I could upload file to my drive account using the plugin? or only to dropbox?. Form both I see I can download a use files and syncs but I think only with dropbox I could to upload from Wp. Thanks

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