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WP-Filebase Pro 3.3.0 3.1 4.3.1 Download Package 27. September 2015

  • New Feature: Upload notification email template
  • Added delete buttons to backend file browser
  • Show icons in file/category selector tree
  • PHP 7 constructor compatibility (and WP 4.3.0)
  • Delayed file scanning in sync process for faster syncing
  • Better sync progress reporting
  • Improved sync performance, reduced server load during sync
  • Improved PDF indexing (stability)
  • Rescan process can be resumed
  • Rescan Tool now rescans cloud files
  • Removed FLV player, replaced with HTML5 video player
  • Added compatibility for latest CF7
  • Fix: More robust file name handling with special characters
  • Fix: Also send upload notifications for offline files
  • Fixed individual file force download option
  • Fix: Attachment uploader disables with front-end upload setting
  • Fix: hide attach uploader if front-end uploads disabled
  • Fixed sideload issue
  • File browser: only show add category if user has permission

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.12 3.1 4.2.1 Download Package 30. April 2015

  • Run a File Sync to fix category file counter bug (categories no opening in file browser)
  • Inherit category upload permissions
  • Added number of files colulmn in cloud sync backend
  • Deleting a category removes the folder
  • Password page title fix
  • New list template hader/footer var: `%search_term%`
  • Made treeview drag&drop IE compatible
  • Rescan looks for thumbnails with same basename if `Auto-detect thumbnails` is enabled
  • Fixed fatal error in editor plugin with coflicting plugins
  • Updated french translation by Marco Siviero

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.11 3.1 4.1.1 Download Package 16. March 2015

  • Added search indexing of Powerpoint and Excel files (PPTX, XLSX)
  • Disable expiration time of thumbnail browser caching
  • Fixed extensions install screen on multisite
  • Fixed pagination for lists
  • Fixed MP3 cover image extraction
  • Fixed PDF indexing (removing binary data)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.10 3.1 4.1.1 Download Package 26. February 2015

  • Fixed editor plugin
  • Fixed extension install page
  • Made CSS path protocol relative (http/https)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.08 3.1 4.1.1 Download Package 25. February 2015

  • Added extension system
  • Google Drive and OneDrive Sync are now extensions (need to be installed after update!)
  • Back-end filebrowser: hide edit button if not permitted
  • Increased multisite compatibility
  • New template variable `%file_user_can_edit%`
  • Fix: make sure that publish date of file pages is not in the future
  • Fixed mysql table structure update causing `Unknown column` errors
  • Fixed some treeview drag and drop issues
  • Fixed template when adding category from filebrowser
  • Added support for remote urls for local files with `file://` scheme
  • Only allow WP-Filebase Pro or the free version enabled at the same time

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.06 3.1 4.1 Download Package 3. February 2015

  • New feature: Sort files by multiple fields in shortcode argument (seperate by ,)
  • Camera RAW .CR2 thumbnails
  • Automatically scroll to attachment uploader when dragging a file over a post
  • Files are moved when changing a Cloud Sync's root category
  • Cloud Sync: Prevent chaning remote path after first sync
  • Updated DataTables to 1.10.4
  • Updated DataTables column filter to 1.5.6
  • During Cron Sync, unset current user if logged in
  • Using `plugin_dir_url` function for better compatibility (from GitHub)
  • Fixed broken thumbnails when chaning category of a remote or cloud file
  • Fix: Files were not added to restricted categories during sync
  • Fixed pagination in back-end category list
  • Fix: Hide attach uploader even if JS is broken
  • Fixed Drag&Drop uploader issue when uploading file updates

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.05 3.1 4.1 Download Package 15. January 2015

  • Added automatic updates for extensions
  • Improved mobile responsive appearence on front and back-end
  • Fixed embedded forms warning
  • Fixed Drag&Drop uploader issue when uploading file updates

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.04 3.1 4.1 Download Package 13. January 2015

  • Fixed batch uploader JS bug on front end (getUserSetting undefined)
  • New option for embeddable forms to disable seucirty checks
  • Uploads within the filebrowser will apply the filebrowser template
  • New remote sync option: disable deletion of files
  • Fixed file list pagination links
  • FTP Sync: fixed space escaping
  • Fixed inline category creating (not double)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.03 3.1 4.1 Download Package 7. January 2015

  • Added Front-end Drag & Drop toggle to Admin Bar
  • Made some user options global on Site Networks
  • Improved security (thanks to Venkateswara Reddy)
  • Fixed conflcit with WP SEO where jQuery was not loading
  • Late front-end script loading in footer increases compatibility with other plugins
  • Fixed front-end treeview Add File
  • Fixed Drag & Drop bug with Firefox
  • Improved stability of JS code on failures and conflicts

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.02 3.1 4.1 Download Package 26. December 2014

  • Added Cloud Sync service overlay to file icons in backend
  • In Back-End filebrowser prevent click event when clicking `Edit`
  • General GUI fixes and mobile optimization
  • Fixed critical warning in backend
  • Fixed bug that prevented updating file details
  • Fixed Cloud Sync management bug
  • Fixed file browser on mobile devices
  • Fixed Editor Plugin File and Category Selector

WP-Filebase Pro 3.2.01 3.1 4.1 Download Package 11. December 2014

  • New Feature: Bulk actions
  • New Feature: Microsoft OneDrive Support
  • New Feature: Users are notified if granted access
  • New Feature: Treeview: Drag & Drop Files, Move Categories and Files by dragging
  • Inline Add Category & Add File in File Browser
  • Inline Add Category in Select Drop Down
  • New Feature: Drag&Drop Files directly to post content to attach
  • New Option: Category Substitute to change the Category a new meaning
  • Added Logos for Cloud Sync
  • Name Change: `Remote Sync` to `Cloud Sync`
  • Post type field is removed from search form
  • Added file table views: Local & Cloud
  • New feature: custom fields %file_info/...%
  • `%'` chars are escaped in download urls (see Github issue)
  • Fixed performance issue when chaning a file's category
  • Improved debug output during sync
  • Fixed PDF thumbnail generation using Imagick (catching exceptions)
  • Improved Performance of Google Drive Sync
  • Fixed Google Drive file versioning
  • Fixed admin redirection URL escaping
  • Fixed `preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated`
  • Moved Edit Stylesheet menu entry to Manage Templates
  • Disabled max exec. time while moving folders
  • Changed the default category icon

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.15 3.1 3.9.1 Download Package 14. May 2014

  • New Option: Disable WP-Filebse Stylesheet (wpfilebase.css)
  • Users can upload to sub-categories even if they don't have upload permissions for parent categories
  • Fixed error `Unable to insert item into DB! Unknown column 'cat_upload_permissions' in 'field list'`
  • Fixed a bug in Dropbox sync when curl is not available

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.14 3.1 3.9 Download Package 7. May 2014

  • New Feature: PSD thumbnails
  • New Feature: File browser sorting
  • New Feature: Preset Sync
  • New Feature: File URL: Prepend asterisk (*) to linktext to open in new tab
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Extra Form fields (from Cforms) are appended to notification emails
  • Chinese translation by [Darlexlin](http://darlexlin.cn/)
  • Added styling for extended field of embedded forms
  • Added Google Universal Analytics compatibility
  • CloudSync: DropboxSync, S3: files are deleted from cloud if locally removed
  • New file template var %cat_id%
  • Added alt tags for cat icons
  • Increased security for RPC-Calls
  • New batch uploader field: File Display Name
  • New function: reset all hit counters
  • New File Browser code
  • Embeddable Forms: validate destination category
  • Unlimited number of file permissions
  • PDF indexing: count pages before index to improve stability
  • Fix: Suppressing deprecation errors on AJAX requests
  • Fixed WebDav issues
  • Fixed output suppression during Ajax requests
  • Fixed: keep thumbnail during file update
  • Fixed permission control for roles with names shorter than 4 (or mysql ft_min_word_len)
  • NGG_DISABLE_RESOURCE_MANAGER to disable the NextGen Gallery resource manager
  • Fixed cannot redeclar class S3 and Google_*
  • FTPSync: fixed sync of folder containing spaces
  • FTPSync: fixed file urls
  • Updated DropPHP to 1.7
  • Updated getId3 1.10.0

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.13 3.1 3.8.1 Download Package 9. March 2014

  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Batch Uploader
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Custom Upload Confirmation template
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Advanced Custom Elements with Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • New Feature: Google Drive Sync
  • New Feature: Added Shortcode `catzipurl`
  • New Feature: XML Sitemap
  • GUI adjustments to fit latest WordPress version
  • Fixed Security Issue in `GetFileHash` (thanks to [Samir Megueddem](http://www.synacktiv.com))
  • Fixed image urls in custom CSS stylesheet
  • Improved Sideload
  • Fixed some permission issue for edit permissions and editor plugin
  • BatchSync: Sync is only resumed once

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.12 3.1 3.7.1 Download Package 2. November 2013

  • New RemoteSync Service: WebDAV
  • Enhanced Search Functions: added dash (-) operator to exclude words, added wildcard (*)
  • Fixed user permissions selector for users with @ in login name
  • `File Page Permalink with Front Base` defaults to enabled
  • Fixed file download permission issue
  • Fixed usage of `wp_check_filetype`
  • Fixed general permission bug, where user roles were not loaded (added get_role_caps())
  • Fixed remote sync error handling
  • Fixed typos and update language files

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.11 3.1 3.7 Download Package 25. October 2013

  • New Option `File Page Permalink with Front Base`
  • New Option `Empty Message` for File Browser
  • Added Delete, Edit & Approve Link to Upload Notification
  • If user cannot access file page, they are redirected to login
  • Updated DropPHP Dropbox Client to 1.6
  • Custom static CSS file improving site performance
  • Sync: categories are removed if folder has been deleted and `Remove missing Files` is enabled
  • Removed test cookie
  • Fixed file edit permissions
  • Fixed small icon with for files & categories
  • File Browser: Safer JS loading of treeview plugins sorts out compatibility issues with other plugins (like NextGEN Gallery)
  • Fixed Tools visibility
  • Fixed direct linking protection: redirection to file page
  • Fixed batch uploader
  • FTPSync fixed url mapping
  • Fixed error handling when adding remote Sync files
  • Fixed escaping of special characters in PDF files
  • Fixed minor bugs and typos
  • Disabled extracting version no. from filenames like 01.01.01-01.02.03

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.10 3.1 3.6 Download Package 9. August 2013

  • Fixed Sync Error
  • Fixed S3 sync warning if open_basedir is on
  • Fixed some strict standard warnings

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.09 3.1 3.6 Download Package 4. August 2013

  • Added Sync Option `Fake MD5` to improve performance if MD5 not required
  • Added Rescan to Files Bulk actions
  • Added Custom Fields to File List View
  • Added Settings for FTP Sync: Port & SSL
  • Changed Category List Widget: If Root Category is Empty, all childs are displayed
  • Improved CSS & thumbnail loading time
  • Improved Batch Sync performance
  • Disabled Visual Editor for File Description in Editor Plugin
  • Fixed blank Editor Plugin screen occuring with some 3-rd party plugins
  • Fixed sync error handling
  • Fixed ID3 tag detection for files with large meta data

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.08 3.1 3.5.2 Download Package 11. July 2013

  • New S3 Option `Virtual-hosted-style URIs`
  • Fixed feedback page when creating a category with the widget
  • Fixed notification bug
  • Fixed `Unable to insert item into DB!` error
  • RPC improvements (experimental!)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.07 3.1 3.5.2 Download Package 10. July 2013

  • New File List Table in Dashboard
  • Custom Folder Icons for File Browser
  • Changed behavior of `Upload Notifications`
  • Upload Notifications for all users
  • Remote Sync: added support for Amazon CloudFront
  • Added imagick PDF thumbnails support
  • Improved PDF indexing
  • Fixed `MySQL server has gone away`
  • Fixed Ghostscript
  • Added mime type `application/x-windows-gadget`
  • Fixed ´GPL Ghostscript´ named PDF files
  • Fixed File Widget: also display secondary category files
  • Fixed File Browser click handling
  • Editor Plugin remembers extendend/simple form
  • Updated Amazon S3 client to 0.5.0-dev

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.06 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 11. June 2013

  • Fixed batch uploader
  • Fixed warning when keyword search for file pages is enabled
  • Added default values for custom fields
  • Added `wpfilebase_file_downloaded` hook for download logging
  • Fixed HTML escaping for some file template vars
  • Updated jQuery treeview plugin. There were some CSS changes, please check your File Browser!

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.05 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 1. June 2013

  • New Feature: 2-Way-Sync: Files are Uploaded to Dropbox, S3 and FTP
  • New Feature: Private File Browser
  • New Option `File Browser expanded` in File Browser Settings and Editor Plugin
  • New fresh looking default File & Category templates. [HTML/CSS for upgrading](http://wpfilebase.com/how-tos/file-category-template-v2/)
  • New Option for File Pages `Content Keywords`
  • Improved Fix File Pages tool
  • Resetting settings to default will not reset the default templates anymore
  • Resetting templates to default will also reset default templates
  • Small Icon Size can be set to 0 to display full size icons
  • Further memory optimizations
  • New category template variable `%cat_has_icon%`
  • Update Changelog is now available when updating in the Dashboard
  • Better GhostScript detection
  • Updated DataTables to 1.9.4
  • JS code of embedded uploader is minified
  • Removed line breaks from search form HTML to prevent auto-<br>-tags
  • Fixed monthly/daily traffic limit
  • Fixed download range header handling (thanks to mrogaski)
  • Fixed Batch uploader
  • Fixed HTML comments in templates
  • Fixed URL issues when using HTTPS
  • Fixed file lists showing only secondary categories
  • Minified DataTables init JS to prevent auto <p>

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.04 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 19. April 2013

  • New Feature: Drag&Drop Batch Uploader with Upload Presets
  • Added AJAX user search for Role/User Selector
  • New Feature: Shortcode parameter `search` to filter files in lists
  • New Tool: Fix File Pages
  • Added MP4 mime type
  • Small Icon Size can be set to 0 to display full size icons
  • Improved Sync performance when free memory is low
  • Sync: missing thumbnails are removed from database
  • Sync recognizes moved files so meta data is retained and only the path will be updated
  • Updated SK translation by Peter Šuranský
  • Memory optimizations
  • Fixed embedded form category select
  • Fixed embedded form upload notifications
  • Fixed file size bug for big files
  • Fixed URL issues when using HTTPS
  • Bulk Actions NOT included yet, planned for next update. Sorry for the delay!

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.02 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 21. February 2013

  • New Feature: Category ZIP Packages (a ZIP containing all files in the category)
  • New template variable for categories: `%cat_zip_url%`
  • New Option `Category ZIP Files` under Download Settings
  • File Page settings arranged in new tab
  • New Option `File Page URL slug` to change permalink base of File Pages
  • New Option `Comments on File Page` to enabled file comments
  • Sync: Added support for external cron service
  • Increased stability of sync
  • Fixed download URL on file pages
  • RemoteSync: expired Dropbox links are automatically refreshed
  • RemoteSync: Added Link Lifetime option for S3 sync
  • Backend: Fixed not all files beeing visible for Admins
  • Fixed minor bugs

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.01 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 1. February 2013

  • New custom post type `wpfb_filepage` for file pages
  • Extended Embeddable Forms
  • New Feature: Added individual limits for custom roles
  • RemoteSync: files deleted on remote service are also removed locally
  • New Default Template: `filepage_excerpt` used for file pages in search results
  • Custom language files dir can be set with PHP constant WPFB_LANG_DIR in wp-config.php
  • Upload permissions are inherited
  • New Option 'Use fpassthru' to avoid invalid download data on some servers
  • New GUI tab for File Page Templates
  • Removed Option `Destroy session when downloading`, this will now work in a different way
  • Added `.svn, .git` directories to sync ignore list
  • Fixed flash uploader behavior when uploading file updates
  • Fixed embeddable forms GUI
  • Fixed file renaming on upload
  • Fixed GUI for Embeddable Forms
  • Fixed quote escaping in template IF expressions

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.14 3.1 3.5 Download Package 18. January 2013

  • New Option: Default File Direct Linking
  • DataTables are now sorted according to the Shortcode argument `sort`
  • Fixed Extended/Simple Form toggle
  • Improved stability of Sync algorithm
  • Admins can download offline files
  • Permission Selector: Users are grouped by Roles
  • Added complete un-install (Button located at WP-Filebase dashboard bottom)
  • Custom AJAX loader CSS class for AJAX lists
  • Fixed download URLs for file names containing `'`
  • Remote Sync: File URLs are refreshed if settings changed
  • Remote Sync: Added option to disable File scan for faster synchronisation
  • Amazon S3: New Option to strip AWSAccessKeyId query var from URLs
  • Improved DataTable support: Lists are sorted by shortcode argument
  • Files added with multi uploader are added directly after upload finished
  • Fixed Remote Sync Path browser permissions
  • File Form: Licenses are hidden if none specified in Settings
  • New Option: Search Result Template

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.13 3.1 3.5 Download Package 27. December 2012

  • New Feature: AJAX Lists (edit a List Template to enable AJAX)
  • New Feature: Upload Notification, all Admins are notified by email when a file is added from the back-end (enable at Settings -> Misc -> Upload Notifications)
  • Added pagenav checkbox to editor plugin
  • Fixed Dropbox Sync Issue when cURL is installed
  • Added Visual Editor for File Description
  • Fixed thumnail upload issue
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed context menu on DataTables
  • Added ID display to back-end Category list
  • Shortcodes are parsed in template preview
  • Removed deprecated file list widget control
  • Decreased time for cache revalidation when downloading a File

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.12 3.1 3.5 Download Package 14. December 2012

  • Made code adjustments for WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • New Option `Small Icon Size` in File Browser settings to adjust the size of icons and thumbnails
  • New Tool `Reset Permissions`
  • Improved compatibility with custom Role Plugins
  • Some GUI changes
  • Added warning on Embedded Forms GUI if front end upload is disabled
  • Fixed 'Cheating uh?' bug when using the category seachr form after editing (thanks to David Bell)
  • Fixed secondary category query causing files to appear in root folder
  • Removed call wp_create_thumbnail which is deprecated since WP 3.5

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.11 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 10. December 2012

  • Added Embeddable Forms Email Notification
  • Added Embeddable Forms File Approval
  • Better support for big files (>1.5GB)
  • Widget File Search Form now looks like the default search form
  • Add New Button is now hidden when using the Drag&Drop Uploader in Embeddable Forms
  • Added length limit for template variables: `%file_display_name:20%` limits the name to 20 characters
  • When deleting a RemoteSync the corresponding file meta data is removed
  • Fixed RemoteSync crash when a category exists with the same name as a file
  • SSL Host/Peer Verification disabled for Amazon S3 sync, that caused trouble
  • Fixed pagenav shortcode parameter, thanks to yuanl
  • Fixed file size limit in Drag&Drop uploader causing trouble
  • Fixed possible fatal error on PDF indexing (mb_detect_encoding)
  • Fixed CSS Editor Bug
  • Fixed bug in list sorting

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.10 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 28. November 2012

  • Added Amazon S3 support (see Remote Sync)
  • Fixed file counter for secondary categories (run a sync to fix existing categories!)
  • New template variable `%file_sec_cats%`
  • Fixed AJAX tree not showing
  • Optimized Sync code for less memory consumption
  • Front end forms are submitted automatically after upload
  • New tool: Rescan Files
  • Updated Brazillian Portuguese translation by Felipe Cavalcanti
  • New Option Remove Missing Files
  • Missing files will automatically set offline druing sync
  • Fixed Item::GetParents() stuck in endless loop
  • Fixed non-expandable categories in file browser containing only secondary file links
  • Fixed `Call to undefined function unzip_file()` error that happend when uploading a DOCX or ODT file from front end

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.08 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 19. November 2012

  • New feature: file passwords (see File Form to set the password)
  • New option for FtpSync: Files can be mapped to a HTTP/FTP URI
  • Fixed Drag & Drop Flash Uploader
  • Fixed Front End upload permissions
  • Fixed Admin Bar JavaScript loading
  • Fixed last Cron Sync time display
  • Decreased Dropbox download buffer size

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.07 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 11. November 2012

  • First Pro Version

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