Get WP-Filebase Pro

WP-Filebase has a simple license model to fit different needs. Each license is valid for one year and you can extend the license period at any time. During the license period you get updates and premium support. There will be at least 2 updates per year and one for every WordPress Update, so compatibility with the latest WordPress Version is ensured. After the one year, you can either extend your license or continue using WP-Filebase Pro, without updates and support.

The buying process is simple so you can start using WP-Filebase Pro immediatily after the payment is confirmed. This is how it works:

  1. Coose a License Type from the right
  2. Pay with PayPal and you will directly get your License Key and the WP-Filebase Pro plugin package
  3. Install and activate WP-Filebase Pro (q.v.Setup)

You can upgrade your license to Freelancer or Business at any time by paying the differential amount. Please contact support if you want to upgrade.

If you have any questions about licensing and payment please contact us.