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    I’m not able to connect to my cloud service at bix.com
    When creating the sync there are no folders to choose from in the “…select a directory below” field. When trying to sync manually I get this error message:
    “RemoteSyncException thrown
    Error: could not open server connection”

    I am able to connect to the drive using WebDAV from my mac at home, but have not tried from windows computers. I have the latest version of wordpress on a self hosted server (one.com) and running customizr (child) theme v. 3.1.6

    Unfortunately I don’t have the time required to investigate at the moment, I’m fully occupied due to a fatal airplane accident in the local aero club last week. Any help with the connection problem is appreciated.

    I have created a test drive at bix.com if you want to try to connect, but I am reluctant to reveal the details in this forum.



    Hi Frode, please open a ticket including your credentials.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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