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    Hi I uploaded about 3000 files …a lot of them quite large.
    I ftp’d then used file synch .. I have been moving files to filebase directory in batches of about 20 to 30 mb
    Almost all of them uploaded fine and I managed to synch about 2900 until the script timed out and refused to let me carry on.
    I am not sure which files I added last of all. I moved to the directory in batches and it took a long it is frustrating to possibly have to start again.
    I tried the troubleshooting tips and still no joy.
    I have emailed my web host, they have increased the limit and it has not help.
    can you offer any further guidance ?
    I tried the debug script on the end of the url but I don’t have permissions.. (apparently) yet I am the main admin. Any further guidance much appreciated ..thanks

    Note it is a litespeed server..


    I guess you tried the Batch Sync right? This should automatically continue after a timeout.

    Try to enable RPC calls in Sync settings.

    And if it still does not work Disable ID3 tag detection in Misc settings.
    You should then sync and after this, if you need ID3 and advanced file info, enable it again.
    Finally, run a Rescan from the tools section.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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