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    I have installed the pro version but had to deinstall it because

    it seems to be a incompatibilty with the ghostscript version installed on your server

    No problem! I reinstalled the free version wihich I am using now. Please do not shoot at me if the support question is about the free version and not the private one!

    I completly deinstalled the pro and upload and install the free one.

    Everyhting is ok except the stats are all freezed up!

    Like this:


    1908 Files
    168 Categories
    32 Download

    These stats had not moved for a while.

    What would be the very first step to do to fix that particular issue!


    Roger Pilon

    I have the latest version of everything


    Hi Roger,

    in Dashboard / Files sort by “Last download”. Are there files that have been downloaded recently?

    Note that downloads by admins and multiple download from the same IP (for same file) do not count.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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