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    Sean Byrnes

    (I’m using WP FileBase Pro version 3.3.3)

    So after I upgraded my hosting plan (from a HostGator “Shared” account to a HostGator “Optimized WP” account), my website seemed to migrate successfully, WP Filebase Pro and all the files were all functional.

    However, today I noticed some new weird issues:

    1) I went and uploaded some new files and noticed that the filenames were changed after uploaded to have a “-” replace spaces in the filename. This isn’t a huge deal, but it can be annoying for users because of the way the files are used.


    2) The new uploads I made (referenced above) never showed up in a “recent uploads” list, the shortcode looked like this:
    [wpfilebase tag=list pagenav=1 num=20 sort='>file_hits' search='* -*.zip' /]

    This shortcode worked great on the old server, but suddenly it prevented the new uploads from showing up? It was fixed after I removed the parameter:
    search='* -*.zip'

    But now of course ZIP files show up in this particular list, and I’d like to prevent that. Why would this suddenly “break” after changing servers and migrating the website (the new uploads weren’t ZIP files either)?


    3) This has always been an issue, even before the migration of the website. For a few hours after upload, the link to the filepages would always be a non-pretty permalink like:

    After a few hours, the link would fix itself and it would display normally:

    During these hours, users are also unable to leave a comment, as after “submit” is pressed when leaving a comment, the page just goes to a blank wp-comments.php page and nothing is ever submitted. This corrects itself after the link fixes itself to the “pretty” permalink.

    Again, this third issue has always been an issue, even before the migration.

    Thank you for any help.

    By the way, before and after the migration, the WP Filebase Pro version is 3.3.3, my Pro license actually just expired in December.

    • This topic was modified 8 years, 5 months ago by Sean Byrnes.

    1) This was changed in a recent version, I will revert this

    2) Try theses:

    3) This is a known issue and will be fixed in the next update.

    I extended your license by 2 months, so you will get the update.

    Sean Byrnes

    Wow that’s very kind of you Fabian, thank you for that. I’ll try those search parameters and see what happens.

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