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    I tried to send a ticket, but still haven’t received an answer after 2 weeks, so I’ll try here instead.

    When I try to upload a file (image, zip, tar, other) the file page where I want my users to go to and download the file show an 404-message. Permission is set to ‘everyone’, and this only happens if they’re not logged in on the site. However, after a couple of hours (haven’t been able to see exactly how many hours) the file page will be shown correctly even for the not logged in users.
    I’ve tried to deactive all the plugins except WP Filebase PRO, and I’ve also tried to use a completely clean WordPress installation with the WP Filebase PRO-plugin, but the problem still happens.

    I use WordPress 3.9.2 and WP Filebase PRO 3.1.15 (I had an older version before, 3.1.13 but I updated it now to see if that would fix the problem, it didn’t.)

    Is there a setting I’ve missed? Or is there something else that’s wrong?

    Best regards


    I’ll try to help you out.
    How are you adding the file to the page? Are you manually adding the link or do you have it automatically showing up on the page?




    I’m adding the file to Filebase through its own upload. And there you can add categories, titles and so on.
    Then, under Files (wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpfilebase_files) you see all uploaded files and I can also go to “View File Page”. That File Page is the one causing us problems.
    Right after I’ve uploaded the file, the file page is giving me an 404 error if I’m not logged in, for example, as an admin. But after a couple of hours, it’s suddenly working for everyone, logged in and not logged in.
    Our URL look something like this:


    So if you go to a page/post and try to add a link using the file you added, can you see it within Filebase and if so, can you add it to the page/post and access it without issues? I normally don’t click on the “View File Page”, but when I did that on my system the link simply opens up a post with the default viewer.

    My url is the same as yours, but without “blog”.

    Do you have a cache plugin that could be causing the delay?


    Yes, if I do it like you describe it, it works. The file in itself is accessable without any issuses.
    But, we use buttons and link those to the automatically created File Pages to let users download from those instead of having to create pages with only a download button.

    We do have a cache plugin on the real site, however I tried on a complete new installation locally on my computer and the problem was still there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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