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    Hi Fabian,

    I have been using your filebase pro with no problem till the last two update.

    Once I upgraded to the last two update, I started to encounter a bug. All users can still upload a file but this file is not shown on the front-end. The category icon where this file is to be stored remains showing ” – ” instead of ” + “. The uploaded file is however stored at the back end.

    For example, we created Please take a look day no. 1 inside the Bundled Data / Area Jakarta.

    You can use the following login details to
    The username is adminjakarta and the password is fabian888

    At some stage, I could force the category to change from “-” to “+” by altering the wpfile-cat database field namely no of file and total num of files to 1. But again, when an uploaded file is deleted from the category, the category sign is set back to “-“. And, again we can not upload any file at the front end with proper category sign “+”.

    Please advice how shall we overcome this issue.

    Honey Agency

    I am having this issue as well. Any newly uploaded files are not showing up on the front end tree view.

    Honey Agency

    Running a sync corrects the issue (restore the proper file count in wp_file_cats), however as Jadhisno stated above the category will reset to 0 after the file is delete.

    Any help on this issue would be much appreciated.

    Thanks Fabian!


    Anyone else is experiencing this: since this needs further investigation in the dashboard, please open a ticket if you have not done yet.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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