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    I had wp-filebase pro working fine on a new WP site but now it’s failing for all downloads. Instead of getting a download I get a message like this:
    Downloading User : Guest (IP: , Whois : File ID : 5 File Name : CORE-OM File Path: lang-eng(2)/CORE-OM.pdf Referer :

    I have tried turning on and off:
    Disable download permalinks
    Always force download
    Send HTTP-Range header
    Disable HTTP Caching
    and I’ve tried deactivating two other plugins:
    WP Super Cache
    and I’ve tried deactivity WP-Filebase (i.e. it’s there as well as WP-Filebase Pro)

    None of these changes is changing the problem. The downloads are crucial to the site and I wanted the features that WP-filebase pro seemed to offer but it’s no good if it doesn’t work!


    Well I have managed to debug this myself by reversing the only change I could think of that I’d made which was that I’d added download notifications. That’s the problem: if I delete them from the files the files download fine again.

    This looks like a clearcut bug. I liked the notifications so I hope it can be fixed.


    The latest updates of wp-filebase pro and wp-filebase download logger seemed to me to claim to have fixed this problem. They definitely haven’t for me. The bug is perfectly reproducible: no notifications: downloads work fine, add notification, downloads fail going straight to a download notification page but not giving a download. WP 4.1 running LightFast theme with wp-filebase (not activated), wp-filebase download logger 1.0.2 (activated), wp-filebase pro 3.2.05 (activated). I’m happy to try to collaborate with debugging this if you tell me how I can do that.


    OK. Installing the latest version of download logger (1.0.3) seems to have fixed this issue. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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