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Maybe I have misunderstood the functionality of this plugin, even though I will be using it to give users the opportunity to upload files from the frontend.

Right now I actually only need a path/list of files from S3, so that users can download the files, without me having to create every single link manually. The native filebrowser is in addition a nice feature which I would like to use, because I do not like to use iframe.

Furthermore, I’m also implementing a streaming service from Cloudfront, and will eventually use a player which support RTMP for the streaming. So it’s more of a dual config, for users to either download from S3 or stream from CloudFront.

I do not have any files for “sync” here on the server, all is uploaded beforehand to S3, before the actual sync, because I only need to retrieve a file-list. Nevertheless, my understanding was that your plugin could fulfill that, and retrieve a simple filelist from S3 and populate it to the database?

I do not which to be on your case or anything like that, and I know that your busy with your exams, but did I misunderstand the functionality of this plugin? I only bought it because of the S3 functionality, and was hoping that I eventually could use it for more than that.