Advanced Document Indexing

Full text search in PDF documents using OCR

Amazon S3

Sync files with Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) buckets.

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro

Client Area

Adds a private upload area for registered users to the front end


Easily customizable DataTables to list files

Download Logger

Log file downloads with timestamp, referrer and IP.


Adds Dropbox Sync to WP-Filebase Pro

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro

Easy Digital Downloads

Sell WP-Filebase files with the Easy Digital Downloads plugin.


Set file expiration date


Adds reliable server-side download tracking to WP-Filebase Pro and WP-Filebase free. This extension works with and without the Google Analytics tracking code built in your side. You can set an arbitrary tracking ID, this allows you to seperate download statistics from the the rest of your pageview tracking. The extension uses the `_ga` coockie – […]


Adds releases and assets from GitHub repositories

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro

Google Drive

Sync your Google Drive files.

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro


Adds Microsoft OneDrive Sync to WP-Filebase Pro

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro

OwnCloud Sync

Sync files with any ownCloud or Nextcloud instance.

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro


Adds WebDav Sync to WP-Filebase Pro

  • Requires WP-Filebase Pro

Third-Party Plugins

WP-Filebase uses the native WordPress infrastructure (custom post type and taxonmies) for structuring files in (sub-)categories. See the Filepage documentation to see what meta values exist. With this you can create custom listing using queries and templates.


WP-Filebase provides some custom filters and actions for developers.