Advanced Document Indexing

This extension implements a full text analysis and OCR (optical character recognition) of documents (currently PDF only) and generates keywords for search. It also generates a thumbnail of the first document page.
It uses a secure and private webservice, thus works without any additional software packages being installed on your hosting server. (This extension does not require Ghostscript!)

* PDF to text conversion
* Search text in scanned PDF documents
* Generate first page thumbnails

WP-Filebase Pro comes with a built-in indexing mechanism using your server resources. Install this extension in these cases:

* The search results are not accurate, search does not return all documents
* Ghostscript is not available on your hosting server or it is at version 9.04 or earlier
* You want text within images to be indexed (e.g. scanned documents)
* PDF thumbnails do not display correctly

Our webservice receives your PDF files, extracts all text it can find and generates a list of keywords.
This process is secure and private – we do not store or collect any information about the indexed contents.

At our demo, you can see how the WordPress Search finds the document “File and Category Management”, which contains the words stylesheet and ftp. Consider uploading your own PDF file for testing and use the WordPress search (note that scanning can take up to 5 minutes).

If you find a document that is not properly indexed, please open a ticket with the document file attached.

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