There are some settings which could prevent the plugin from working properly with certain blog configuration and other plugins. Here’s a list with all critical options and their safe value. If you experience problems using WP-Filebase, you should set all options to the safe value. Then set the desired value of each option step-by-step while making sure the plugin still works properly. When you have spotted the option causing trouble, please contact us.

NameSafe Value
Search Integrationunchecked
Disable download permalinkschecked
Send HTTP-Range headerunchecked
Disable HTTP Cachingchecked
Accept empty referrerschecked
Disable ID3 tag detectionchecked
Search ID3 Tagsunchecked


Issues with filebrowser

Uses jQuery plugins, so any plugins that replaces the jQuery can conflict
on iOs, filebrowser templates remove the a-tag!



Remote Sync

If you get an error during Dropbox sync like “cURL-Error (52): Empty reply from server”, disable open_basedir in PHP.ini.

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  1. ihateerrors says:
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    I also can’t re-activate my license after paying money. My money wen’t through fine. This is not good.

  2. schwannverlag says:
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    same here

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