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Cloud Sync (or Remote Sync) is a powerful feature that allows you to outsource files in the Cloud. Using standard APIs and protocols, WP-Filebase easily integrates into your existing hybrid cloud architecture. All Cloud Syncs – regardless of the service – are 2-way (syncs uploads and deletions). That means that files uploaded to the Cloud Sync root category (or any of it’s Sub-Categories), are automatically uploaded to the Cloud Service and deleted locally. Thus, as a Site Admin, you don’t have to pass FTP passwords or tools for handling S3 buckets to the uploading users. See the chart for an overview how the whole thing works:
Files are downloaded during sync and scanned for thumnails. Uploaded files will be passed to dropbox. Downloads are server by cloud server.

Remote Sync Services

With Remote Sync you can outsource file hosting to an external service. WP-Filebase syncs with a folder on the service and adds files recursivly. It once downloads all files and scans it for thumbnails and extended file info (ID3 tags). Then the file is deleted and an external download link is created. Downloads will be redirected to that links without causing any data traffic on the blog server. Foreach sub folder a category is created, so the folder structure will be the same like on the remote service.

FTP Sync

Just enter the FTP details (host, user, password) and select a folder to sync with. A HTTP Url can be specified to map downloads to HTTP instead of FTP when downloading.

Dropbox Sync

You can connect WP-Filebase to your Dropbox account. After connecting, use the AJAX browser to select a directory in your Dropbox to sync with. You can choose if downloads links are pointing to the file or a Dropbox preview page. Note that forcing downloads does not work with files hosted on Dropbox!

Amazon S3

With an AWS access key and secret you can easily add files from a S3 bucket. The (virtual) path names of the files inside the bucket are mapped to category structure. You can sync whole buckets or only files inside a directory, i.e with a certain path prefix. WP-Filebase Pro includes a bucket explorer, so you can browse through buckets and select the directory to sync.

Google Drive

Files stored in Google Drive can be synced. Syncing of documents created in Google Docs is not supported yet.


With this extension WP-Filebase can sync with any WebDav server. This includes ownCloud servers and


We have a OneDrive extension too.

Master-Slave Syncing

A more advanced scenario is the Master-Slave Syncing: multiple WordPress Sites share some or all files, while files are only stored at the Master Site. Slave sites are using the FTP Sync to retrieve the Master Files and upload new files (2-way sync).

Master Slave FTP Sync


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