File Form

The file form is used to add new files and to edit existing ones. Next to the form title you will find a button to toggle between Extended and Simple version. Using this form is only one way to add files, see Adding Files for more.

The upload box with Drag & Drop area

Simple Form

The simple form provides all important fields.

Upload Box

Drag & Drop files into the area with the dashed border to upload a file. Alternativly click on the “Select Files” button. Note that you can only upload one file at once, uploading more than one file will just delete all previous files. If you have problems with this uploader, try the oldschool browser uploader by clicking the link below the drag&drop area.

File URL allows you to sideload (or redirect) files from another website. Enter the full HTTP or FTP URI.

  • Use the option Redirect download to URL to redirect downloads so the file is not copied to the server. Downloads are still tracked but won’t produce any traffic on you server.  Selecting this option displays the checkbox Scan remote file (disable for large files). If the checkbox is unchecked MD5 checksum and ID3 tags are not available for the file. This is useful for big files that require a long time to be scanned.
  • Copy file into Filebase (sideload) will load the file at the given URI and store it in the upload path of WP-Filebase. Once copied, the file at the given URL is not needed anymore.

Optional Fields

Title: This is the title of the file, in templates known as %file_display_name%. If you leave that field empty the name of the uploaded file will be used (with formatting).

Version: Here you can set the files version, like 3.0.1, but it can also contain letters and other characters.

Author: This is another optional field to specify the author of the file. This is different from the file owner (the owner is the WordPress user who adds the file).

Category: Set the category where the file is stored. Changing the category of an existing file will move  it to the right path.

Post ID: You can associate a post to the file, so the file becomes an attachment of the specified post or page. Attachments will automatically listed after the content (if enabled in Settings).

Tags:This is a feature that is not fully implemented yet. Like WP Posts, files can have multiple tags. Listing files with a certain tag is not supported yet.

Custom Fields: You can add custom fields in Settings of WP-Filebase.

Extended Form

The extended form has additional fields:

Thumbnail: You an upload a thumbnail that will be scaled down to the server set in WP-FIlebase settings.

Date: This is just a date for the content of the file, not the publish date like for WordPress Posts.

License: Select a License out of the presets that can be modified inSettings

Download Counter: You can manually set the number of hits/downloads

Platforms: Select one or more Platforms out the presets that can be modified in Settings. In order to select multiple items, you must Ctrl-Click (or Cmd-Click on Mac).

Requirements: Select one or more Requirements  out the presets that can be modified in Settings. In order to select multiple items, you must Ctrl-Click (or Cmd-Click on Mac).

Languages: In order to select multiple items, you must Ctrl-Click (or Cmd-Click on Mac).

Direct linking: Links from other websites linking directly to your files are called direct links or hot links. User, just downloading the file, will most likely never see your blog. To prevent this WP-Filebase detects those links and redirect users to the associated post (if there is none it will redirect to the home page of your blog). After redirection, WP-Filebase sends a cookie to the browser so next time the download will work. In WP-Filebase Pro users can also be redirected to the File Page.

Access Permission: When Inherit Permissions is selected, permissions are adopted from the category the file is placed in. The permissions are displayed in brackets.

Offline: When a file is marked offline it cannot be downloaded anymore.

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