Administration & Editing

WP-Filebase adds a new sub-menu to the WP-Admin menu:

WP-Filebase Pro MenuMenu EntryRequired User Role (capability) *
WP-Filebase – Dashboard of WP-Filebase with statistics and tools like Sync FilebaseAdministrator, Editor, Author
Files – On this page all files are listedAdministrator, Editor, Author (upload_files)
Categories – Here you can manage WP-Filebase CategoriesAdministrator, Editor (manage_categories)
Edit Stylesheet – Adjust the default WP-Filebase stylesheet to your themeAdministrator, Editor (edit_themes)
Manage Templates – Edit templates for embedding single files, file lists and the File BrowserAdministrator, Editor (edit_themes)
Remote Syncs (Pro) – Manage Remote SyncsAdministrator, Editor
Embeddable Forms (Pro) – Manage Upload Forms that can be embedded into Posts or PagesAdministrator (edit_themes)
Settings – On this page you can change all settings of WP-FilebaseAdministrator (manage_options)

* In WP-Filebase Pro you can set individual permissions (Settings -> Permissions)

Files Management Page

This page displays a detailed lists of files. You can search for files with the box in the upper right corner and sort the list by clicking on a column header. With the checkboxes you can delete multiple files at once. Click on the filename to edit file details or to upload an update. See File Form for details.
In the file list you can also click on category names to edit the category the file is in.
Note that for non-admin users, only files they own appear in the list!

Category Management Page

This page displays a detailed list of categories. Click on the Category Name to edit. Click on the number of files to view all files in that category.
The column Files looks like “12 / 123” where the first number is the counter of files directly in this category. The second number is the total amount of files in all child categories.

Stylesheet Editor

You can edit the default WP-Filebase stylesheet to adjust it to your theme. The CSS is included on every page. Changes are retained on plugin updates.

Template Management

On this page you can manage templates for files, categories and file lists. Each template has a unique tag that is used in shortcodes. When editing templates, you will see a sample below that updates real time. See Templates for details about template variables.

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