Adding Files

There are different ways to add a file to WP-Filebase:

Normal Upload

In WP-Admin go to WP-Filebase->Files. At the bottom of the page there’s a form where you can select a file from your hard drive to upload. The form is also displayed on  WP-Admin Dashboard, the Editor-Tool (WP-Filebase adds a button to the WordPress’ Visual Post Editor) and the Admin topbar.

Remote Upload (sideload)

You can add a file from another webserver without the need of downloading/uploading it to your to/from your computer. Just enter the HTTP URL in the form for adding files. You will see two options:

  • Redirect Download to URL: This will just redirect users to the given URL without any data storage or traffic on your website/webserver.
  • Copy file into Filebase (sideload): When submitting the form, the file will be sideloaded to your webserver and copied into WP-Filebase

Upload by FTP and direct file modifications

You can directly add/modify/delete files in the WP-Filebase directory (see WP-Filebase settings) by using FTP or other protocols. You can even create new folders, the plugin will add new categories with the same name. Don’t forget to synchronize after any file modifications! You find the button on WP-Filebase’s admin dashboard (just click on WP-Filebase in the admin navigation menu).

Remote Sync (Pro)

WP-Filebase Pro can sync files with remote file hosting. It currently supports Dropbox and FTP. You can select a category that will be kept in sync with a folder on the remote service. All files are recursively added and scanned (e.g ID3 tags, thumbnail generation). Files added by remote sync are treated the same like Remote Redirected Files (see Remote Upload). Users are redirected to the remote URL to download the file, no data traffic is caused on the blog server. See Remote Sync for further details.

The plugin checks if the file is a valid image and automatically tries to create a thumbnail of it. See WP-Filebase Settings to set the size or disable this behavior.

Filename Logic

When no version is specified the plugins tries to extract a version number out of the filename. If no file title is given the filename is formatted and used as display name (this behavior can be changed in Settings).

Sync has some extended logic when adding files, see Sync for more details.

File Content Processing

WP-Filebase scans files for extended file information. It automatically creates thumbnails of images and can read for example ID3 tags of MP3 files. Cover arts in MP3 files are extracted and used as thumbnails. For the most common file formats there are extended file information available. Even if its not a MP3 file, these are callied “ID3 tags”. You find a list of all available tags below the form when editing a file.

WP-Filebase Pro includes extra utilities to read PDF, ODT (OpenDocument Text),  DOCX (Word Document) and PPTX (PowerPoint Document) files. It indexes the text of the documents to include it in file search. For PDF it generates thumbnails of the first page.

34 thoughts on “Adding Files

  1. laxman says:
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    Hi there, can anyone help on this thread

  2. Frank2 says:
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    How can force the plugin to limit a file exentension to for example mp3 only?

    As far as I have seen in the seeting it is only possible to exclude some extensions.

    Woudn’t it make more sense the other way round?

    Thanks for your help in advanced,



  3. Fabian says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: +1 (from 1 vote)

    Hi there,
    great plugin. But one thing is broken:
    Adding an attachment to a page via the top bar > WP filebase > manage attachements opens a new window – ok so far. adding a file is no problem, too.
    but if i change the attachement’s date in this window, it won’t be saved and the current one is used. in the backend-upload-form this doesn’t happen and the right (changed) date is used.
    please fix this bug, it costs an extra step of fixing the date each time.
    thank you.

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  6. Dominik says:
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    Rating: +2 (from 6 votes)

    i just want to add an external link to a page… (actually not a file) I tried to use “URL” and selected “redirect to url” but i get an error page “{filename} not found”

    any idea or other way

  7. VS says:
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    Rating: 0 (from 6 votes)

    Is it possible to send automatic notification to Admin when new file uploaded?
    Thank you.

  8. Harley says:
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    Nice post.

  9. wings says:
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    Take a look here

  10. VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
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    sangat bagus kok artikelnya terbaik

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