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WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.15 3.1 3.9.1 Download Package 14. May 2014

  • New Option: Disable WP-Filebse Stylesheet (wpfilebase.css)
  • Users can upload to sub-categories even if they don't have upload permissions for parent categories
  • Fixed error `Unable to insert item into DB! Unknown column 'cat_upload_permissions' in 'field list'`
  • Fixed a bug in Dropbox sync when curl is not available

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.14 3.1 3.9 Download Package 7. May 2014

  • New Feature: PSD thumbnails
  • New Feature: File browser sorting
  • New Feature: Preset Sync
  • New Feature: File URL: Prepend asterisk (*) to linktext to open in new tab
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Extra Form fields (from Cforms) are appended to notification emails
  • Chinese translation by [Darlexlin](http://darlexlin.cn/)
  • Added styling for extended field of embedded forms
  • Added Google Universal Analytics compatibility
  • CloudSync: DropboxSync, S3: files are deleted from cloud if locally removed
  • New file template var %cat_id%
  • Added alt tags for cat icons
  • Increased security for RPC-Calls
  • New batch uploader field: File Display Name
  • New function: reset all hit counters
  • New File Browser code
  • Embeddable Forms: validate destination category
  • Unlimited number of file permissions
  • PDF indexing: count pages before index to improve stability
  • Fix: Suppressing deprecation errors on AJAX requests
  • Fixed WebDav issues
  • Fixed output suppression during Ajax requests
  • Fixed: keep thumbnail during file update
  • Fixed permission control for roles with names shorter than 4 (or mysql ft_min_word_len)
  • NGG_DISABLE_RESOURCE_MANAGER to disable the NextGen Gallery resource manager
  • Fixed cannot redeclar class S3 and Google_*
  • FTPSync: fixed sync of folder containing spaces
  • FTPSync: fixed file urls
  • Updated DropPHP to 1.7
  • Updated getId3 1.10.0

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.13 3.1 3.8.1 Download Package 9. March 2014

  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Batch Uploader
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Custom Upload Confirmation template
  • New Feature: Embeddable Forms: Advanced Custom Elements with Contact Form 7 Plugin
  • New Feature: Google Drive Sync
  • New Feature: Added Shortcode `catzipurl`
  • New Feature: XML Sitemap
  • GUI adjustments to fit latest WordPress version
  • Fixed Security Issue in `GetFileHash` (thanks to [Samir Megueddem](http://www.synacktiv.com))
  • Fixed image urls in custom CSS stylesheet
  • Improved Sideload
  • Fixed some permission issue for edit permissions and editor plugin
  • BatchSync: Sync is only resumed once

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.12 3.1 3.7.1 Download Package 2. November 2013

  • New RemoteSync Service: WebDAV
  • Enhanced Search Functions: added dash (-) operator to exclude words, added wildcard (*)
  • Fixed user permissions selector for users with @ in login name
  • `File Page Permalink with Front Base` defaults to enabled
  • Fixed file download permission issue
  • Fixed usage of `wp_check_filetype`
  • Fixed general permission bug, where user roles were not loaded (added get_role_caps())
  • Fixed remote sync error handling
  • Fixed typos and update language files

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.11 3.1 3.7 Download Package 25. October 2013

  • New Option `File Page Permalink with Front Base`
  • New Option `Empty Message` for File Browser
  • Added Delete, Edit & Approve Link to Upload Notification
  • If user cannot access file page, they are redirected to login
  • Updated DropPHP Dropbox Client to 1.6
  • Custom static CSS file improving site performance
  • Sync: categories are removed if folder has been deleted and `Remove missing Files` is enabled
  • Removed test cookie
  • Fixed file edit permissions
  • Fixed small icon with for files & categories
  • File Browser: Safer JS loading of treeview plugins sorts out compatibility issues with other plugins (like NextGEN Gallery)
  • Fixed Tools visibility
  • Fixed direct linking protection: redirection to file page
  • Fixed batch uploader
  • FTPSync fixed url mapping
  • Fixed error handling when adding remote Sync files
  • Fixed escaping of special characters in PDF files
  • Fixed minor bugs and typos
  • Disabled extracting version no. from filenames like 01.01.01-01.02.03

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.10 3.1 3.6 Download Package 9. August 2013

  • Fixed Sync Error
  • Fixed S3 sync warning if open_basedir is on
  • Fixed some strict standard warnings

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.09 3.1 3.6 Download Package 4. August 2013

  • Added Sync Option `Fake MD5` to improve performance if MD5 not required
  • Added Rescan to Files Bulk actions
  • Added Custom Fields to File List View
  • Added Settings for FTP Sync: Port & SSL
  • Changed Category List Widget: If Root Category is Empty, all childs are displayed
  • Improved CSS & thumbnail loading time
  • Improved Batch Sync performance
  • Disabled Visual Editor for File Description in Editor Plugin
  • Fixed blank Editor Plugin screen occuring with some 3-rd party plugins
  • Fixed sync error handling
  • Fixed ID3 tag detection for files with large meta data

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.08 3.1 3.5.2 Download Package 11. July 2013

  • New S3 Option `Virtual-hosted-style URIs`
  • Fixed feedback page when creating a category with the widget
  • Fixed notification bug
  • Fixed `Unable to insert item into DB!` error
  • RPC improvements (experimental!)

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.07 3.1 3.5.2 Download Package 10. July 2013

  • New File List Table in Dashboard
  • Custom Folder Icons for File Browser
  • Changed behavior of `Upload Notifications`
  • Upload Notifications for all users
  • Remote Sync: added support for Amazon CloudFront
  • Added imagick PDF thumbnails support
  • Improved PDF indexing
  • Fixed `MySQL server has gone away`
  • Fixed Ghostscript
  • Added mime type `application/x-windows-gadget`
  • Fixed ´GPL Ghostscript´ named PDF files
  • Fixed File Widget: also display secondary category files
  • Fixed File Browser click handling
  • Editor Plugin remembers extendend/simple form
  • Updated Amazon S3 client to 0.5.0-dev

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.06 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 11. June 2013

  • Fixed batch uploader
  • Fixed warning when keyword search for file pages is enabled
  • Added default values for custom fields
  • Added `wpfilebase_file_downloaded` hook for download logging
  • Fixed HTML escaping for some file template vars
  • Updated jQuery treeview plugin. There were some CSS changes, please check your File Browser!

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.05 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 1. June 2013

  • New Feature: 2-Way-Sync: Files are Uploaded to Dropbox, S3 and FTP
  • New Feature: Private File Browser
  • New Option `File Browser expanded` in File Browser Settings and Editor Plugin
  • New fresh looking default File & Category templates. [HTML/CSS for upgrading](http://wpfilebase.com/how-tos/file-category-template-v2/)
  • New Option for File Pages `Content Keywords`
  • Improved Fix File Pages tool
  • Resetting settings to default will not reset the default templates anymore
  • Resetting templates to default will also reset default templates
  • Small Icon Size can be set to 0 to display full size icons
  • Further memory optimizations
  • New category template variable `%cat_has_icon%`
  • Update Changelog is now available when updating in the Dashboard
  • Better GhostScript detection
  • Updated DataTables to 1.9.4
  • JS code of embedded uploader is minified
  • Removed line breaks from search form HTML to prevent auto-<br>-tags
  • Fixed monthly/daily traffic limit
  • Fixed download range header handling (thanks to mrogaski)
  • Fixed Batch uploader
  • Fixed HTML comments in templates
  • Fixed URL issues when using HTTPS
  • Fixed file lists showing only secondary categories
  • Minified DataTables init JS to prevent auto <p>

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.04 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 19. April 2013

  • New Feature: Drag&Drop Batch Uploader with Upload Presets
  • Added AJAX user search for Role/User Selector
  • New Feature: Shortcode parameter `search` to filter files in lists
  • New Tool: Fix File Pages
  • Added MP4 mime type
  • Small Icon Size can be set to 0 to display full size icons
  • Improved Sync performance when free memory is low
  • Sync: missing thumbnails are removed from database
  • Sync recognizes moved files so meta data is retained and only the path will be updated
  • Updated SK translation by Peter Šuranský
  • Memory optimizations
  • Fixed embedded form category select
  • Fixed embedded form upload notifications
  • Fixed file size bug for big files
  • Fixed URL issues when using HTTPS
  • Bulk Actions NOT included yet, planned for next update. Sorry for the delay!

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.02 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 21. February 2013

  • New Feature: Category ZIP Packages (a ZIP containing all files in the category)
  • New template variable for categories: `%cat_zip_url%`
  • New Option `Category ZIP Files` under Download Settings
  • File Page settings arranged in new tab
  • New Option `File Page URL slug` to change permalink base of File Pages
  • New Option `Comments on File Page` to enabled file comments
  • Sync: Added support for external cron service
  • Increased stability of sync
  • Fixed download URL on file pages
  • RemoteSync: expired Dropbox links are automatically refreshed
  • RemoteSync: Added Link Lifetime option for S3 sync
  • Backend: Fixed not all files beeing visible for Admins
  • Fixed minor bugs

WP-Filebase Pro 3.1.01 3.1 3.5.1 Download Package 1. February 2013

  • New custom post type `wpfb_filepage` for file pages
  • Extended Embeddable Forms
  • New Feature: Added individual limits for custom roles
  • RemoteSync: files deleted on remote service are also removed locally
  • New Default Template: `filepage_excerpt` used for file pages in search results
  • Custom language files dir can be set with PHP constant WPFB_LANG_DIR in wp-config.php
  • Upload permissions are inherited
  • New Option 'Use fpassthru' to avoid invalid download data on some servers
  • New GUI tab for File Page Templates
  • Removed Option `Destroy session when downloading`, this will now work in a different way
  • Added `.svn, .git` directories to sync ignore list
  • Fixed flash uploader behavior when uploading file updates
  • Fixed embeddable forms GUI
  • Fixed file renaming on upload
  • Fixed GUI for Embeddable Forms
  • Fixed quote escaping in template IF expressions

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.14 3.1 3.5 Download Package 18. January 2013

  • New Option: Default File Direct Linking
  • DataTables are now sorted according to the Shortcode argument `sort`
  • Fixed Extended/Simple Form toggle
  • Improved stability of Sync algorithm
  • Admins can download offline files
  • Permission Selector: Users are grouped by Roles
  • Added complete un-install (Button located at WP-Filebase dashboard bottom)
  • Custom AJAX loader CSS class for AJAX lists
  • Fixed download URLs for file names containing `'`
  • Remote Sync: File URLs are refreshed if settings changed
  • Remote Sync: Added option to disable File scan for faster synchronisation
  • Amazon S3: New Option to strip AWSAccessKeyId query var from URLs
  • Improved DataTable support: Lists are sorted by shortcode argument
  • Files added with multi uploader are added directly after upload finished
  • Fixed Remote Sync Path browser permissions
  • File Form: Licenses are hidden if none specified in Settings
  • New Option: Search Result Template

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.13 3.1 3.5 Download Package 27. December 2012

  • New Feature: AJAX Lists (edit a List Template to enable AJAX)
  • New Feature: Upload Notification, all Admins are notified by email when a file is added from the back-end (enable at Settings -> Misc -> Upload Notifications)
  • Added pagenav checkbox to editor plugin
  • Fixed Dropbox Sync Issue when cURL is installed
  • Added Visual Editor for File Description
  • Fixed thumnail upload issue
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fixed context menu on DataTables
  • Added ID display to back-end Category list
  • Shortcodes are parsed in template preview
  • Removed deprecated file list widget control
  • Decreased time for cache revalidation when downloading a File

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.12 3.1 3.5 Download Package 14. December 2012

  • Made code adjustments for WordPress 3.5 compatibility
  • New Option `Small Icon Size` in File Browser settings to adjust the size of icons and thumbnails
  • New Tool `Reset Permissions`
  • Improved compatibility with custom Role Plugins
  • Some GUI changes
  • Added warning on Embedded Forms GUI if front end upload is disabled
  • Fixed 'Cheating uh?' bug when using the category seachr form after editing (thanks to David Bell)
  • Fixed secondary category query causing files to appear in root folder
  • Removed call wp_create_thumbnail which is deprecated since WP 3.5

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.11 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 10. December 2012

  • Added Embeddable Forms Email Notification
  • Added Embeddable Forms File Approval
  • Better support for big files (>1.5GB)
  • Widget File Search Form now looks like the default search form
  • Add New Button is now hidden when using the Drag&Drop Uploader in Embeddable Forms
  • Added length limit for template variables: `%file_display_name:20%` limits the name to 20 characters
  • When deleting a RemoteSync the corresponding file meta data is removed
  • Fixed RemoteSync crash when a category exists with the same name as a file
  • SSL Host/Peer Verification disabled for Amazon S3 sync, that caused trouble
  • Fixed pagenav shortcode parameter, thanks to yuanl
  • Fixed file size limit in Drag&Drop uploader causing trouble
  • Fixed possible fatal error on PDF indexing (mb_detect_encoding)
  • Fixed CSS Editor Bug
  • Fixed bug in list sorting

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.10 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 28. November 2012

  • Added Amazon S3 support (see Remote Sync)
  • Fixed file counter for secondary categories (run a sync to fix existing categories!)
  • New template variable `%file_sec_cats%`
  • Fixed AJAX tree not showing
  • Optimized Sync code for less memory consumption
  • Front end forms are submitted automatically after upload
  • New tool: Rescan Files
  • Updated Brazillian Portuguese translation by Felipe Cavalcanti
  • New Option Remove Missing Files
  • Missing files will automatically set offline druing sync
  • Fixed Item::GetParents() stuck in endless loop
  • Fixed non-expandable categories in file browser containing only secondary file links
  • Fixed `Call to undefined function unzip_file()` error that happend when uploading a DOCX or ODT file from front end

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.08 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 19. November 2012

  • New feature: file passwords (see File Form to set the password)
  • New option for FtpSync: Files can be mapped to a HTTP/FTP URI
  • Fixed Drag & Drop Flash Uploader
  • Fixed Front End upload permissions
  • Fixed Admin Bar JavaScript loading
  • Fixed last Cron Sync time display
  • Decreased Dropbox download buffer size

WP-Filebase Pro 3.0.07 3.1 3.4.2 Download Package 11. November 2012

  • First Pro Version


  • Mack Hankins says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    Support for this plugin is top notch, thanks for the fixes :)

  • Chapman says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    I think the Flash Uploader is broken again. Anytime I upload more than 1 file with it I get an error 200.

  • VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    ERROR . All admin site get error after the install.

    Erro no servidor
    O site encontrou um erro ao recuperar http://tradicy.com.br/wp/wp-admin/plugins.php?activate=true&plugin_status=all&paged=1&s=. Ele pode estar em manutenção ou configurado incorretamente.
    Veja algumas sugestões:
    Recarregue esta página da web mais tarde.
    Erro HTTP {500 (Internal Server Error): Ocorreu uma condição inesperada enquanto o servidor tentava completar a solicitação.

    • Fabian says:
      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

      You server seems to run out of memory. Please ask your hosting provider to increase the memory limit or disable other Plugins.


  • Brett says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    Do you have an estimate for the next version?

  • RW says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    Awesome plugin. It does exactly what I need, quickly, and elegantly. The one problem is that the batch uploader is not working. It seems to save the files, but then changes the titles to “undefined” and nothing is added to the documents directory.

    The other strange thing about this is that it saves the files as .tmp files to the tmp directory, but they are just .tmp files and the pdfs aren’t uploaded anywhere else. Is the tmp folder supposed to purge itself so it doesn’t get bloated?


  • Silvia Ortin says:
    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)


    I’ve purchased WP-Filebase the transaction ID is 27Y22290M9845153A but I have NOT the files.
    Can you send me the download link?
    Thank you.

    PD: your website constantly hangs in “Verifying payment…” when arrives from paypal payment.
    Thanlk you.

    • Fabian says:
      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
      Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

      Did you receive your License yet? The payment verification was under maintainance this weekend.

  • Cordula says:
    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]
    Rating: 0 (from 0 votes)

    Hallo Fabian,
    das ist ja mal eine Überraschung :-) Ein Update, also ein Lebenszeichen… nach 4 Monaten, also geht es weiter…

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